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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ham a Lamb a Easter Diner

There were thousands of people in our house for Easter dinner on Sunday. OK, it was only 20 or so people, but it was fun. The butcher shop threw me a major curve when they gave me one large lamb leg instead of 2 smaller ones, but it worked out well. The recipe wasn't as flavorful as I had hoped, but it was still tender and moist. I should have spread an herb blend on the outside in addition to the stuffing. Some highlights were the Easter decorated cupcakes from Sarah, the turtle cheesecake from Amy and the veggie casserole from Sue.

Now we have a bunch of leftover lamb and ham to eat, probably for the next month. On Monday night I made a lamb stew by using the lamb juices and making a gravy and adding a little thyme. I combined it with some potatoes and carrots. It made a nice stew. Tonight will probably be a ham and noodle casserole with some cheese and peas. Any suggestions on additional leftover lamb or ham recipes would be appreciated.

We did open the bottle of Jessup Cellars "Table for Four". It was very tasty, without being at all dry. Strangely, the bottle was very large and heavy, yet the amount of wine inside was actually less than in a usual bottle of wine. Very deceptive but it was still worth it.


Joanna said...

I had lamb for dinner tonight. Thanks for the leftovers!

I also enjoyed the wine. For some reason I expected it to be very deep and dark but was pleasantly surprised with the lighter mouth feel. Is that proper oenophile-speak? :-)

fuzzy old guy said...

Wonderful linguistic skills! I wouldn't dare use the word oenophile in a sentence. Now that I've been drinking better wines I've been searching for words to describe that taste. I've noticed a very different mellower taste in wine if the price is over $30. They tend to be more subtle and less dry. Hmm...mouthfeel??? Sounds good to me. I just know what I like.